Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hibernation is Over!!!

lol As the title states, I have finally woken up. I wasn't literally asleep but I was very ill this winter. A few hospital visits over the winter and pretty much being bed ridden sucks. Especially when you have a busy household. On top of that I am dealing with an incredibly ignorant landlord who seems to be doing everything in her power to screw herself over. I won't go too much into details but lets leave it this...court.

We also had our beloved kitten Ares pass away, which was a huge blow to our family.
M.J and Ares relaxing in the sun together

Other then that I was busy being a mama and taking care of a preggy Kallisto, who gave birth to a six beautiful kittens last month.
Kallisto cuddling her son, two were born looking like Ares

Six incredible and precious kittens =^.^=

 My SO spent the winter continuing renovations on the art gallery, and I am proud to say we have a indoor greenhouse! Not only that but our close friend and coven mate Raven along with my spouse, have begun an aquaponic set up in there. So pretty soon I will be drying herbs and preparing my own oils and the likes. Raven also is fast becoming a talented jewelry designer along with his SO Cassie.

Needless to say with all our talents combined we will soon be producing organic food and various other products to sell for our fellow pagans and greenies
grow little sprouts grrrrooooowwwww!!

I will be moving in the near future but once I am set up, I will be updating and creating. I am very excited :)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Ostara and  blessed esbat, I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of April. lol I can not wait to see what will be pulled on me XP

So what's new for DOTG at this moment?

I just added a new section of the blog called: "Essential Oils Quick Notes". It will be filled with random notes written by me and various others,

I also have a Tumblr account that you can follow here:

I also have instagram: sekem_miw

Until next time, Brightest Blessings everyone!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mabon Blessings

Merry Meet Friends! )O(

It's been a while, quite a while. Summer holidays started and well....slaaaaackeeerrrr lol
No no but seriously, for a while I was really ill and then my beloved Grandmother was really ill for a while. Then I found out my best friend would be moving to another province.
Thankfully my Grandmother has improved, and I have become accustomed to the big changes my best friend will be going through *including a daughter on the way in the next week or so!*

But to be honest....I pretty much let it all get to me badly. On top of that, I felt...stuck...My career and business plans, my schooling and all my other life plans were put on hold because of my health and the government messing up *as usual -.-*

At the same time though, in many little ways, life began improving little by little. I had months of time to contemplate, and to begin to heal and pick myself up. The Sabbaths passed and I celebrated them quietly in small ways. My son and my hubby's birthdays came and we spent the day in nature, having a campfire with friends. A day in nature is more soothing then a day in a mall more often then not.

Our First Family Picture 
Butterflies, Flowers, Bumble bees and Trees...
Sunlight through a canopy of trees

Before I knew it, September began, and my little ones were beginning school, my son for the first time ever. He had adjustment issues in the beginning but he got through it and now it's a battle getting him to stay home lol.
Then I realized Mabon was coming. What the? The Autumn equinox is coming?
I went in full blown fall cleaning/prepare the den for the coming winter mode.

The children and I gathered toys, books and clothes to donate. We have plenty and are blessed with enough this year.

One thing to be thankful for.

I cleaned out my cupboards and organized our canned goods, and donated the things the kids and I would not be able to eat. We are able to stock up this year on things that will not harm us.

Another thing to give thanks for.

I cleaned my house, and did a smudging in each room.
Our home is not perfect, but we have food on the table. Beds to sleep in. A bathroom and running water. We have hydro. We are all together.

Something to always appreciate and be grateful for.

Then I realized all the other things that have been coming together my life that I should be grateful for. Things I don't appreciate when I allow myself to get to a dark and hard place.

My wonderful boyfriend who supports me and always pushes me to strive for the best.
My family *blood and not* who are always there for me, comforting me when I need it. Kicking me in the ass when I am being a dumb ass...but most of all, always being...there. No matter what I always know I can call, text, email, and someone will answer me within a day.
If I feel like I need advice, I will get it no BS, no lies.
If I need to laugh, I know within minutes someone will say something that will have me cracking up.

I am blessed in many ways, and this harvest tide I gave much thanks to what life, and what the seasons have given me.

So I decided to have my first Sabbath gathering last night in this home. 

Our household Mabon Altar
Our Mabon Gathering feast 
Other then the pumpkin spice loaf it was a gluten free meal with fresh ingredients from our local farmers market. The apple onion roasted chicken in almond sherry honey sauce was massacred, the fried apple potato and curried zucchini cabbage was amazing. We also had an awesome veggie rice dish made by our friends Raven and Cassie. There was also of course apple cider, and wine.
We lit u the altar after the meal and some of us basked in the shift from our seasons of light to the seasons of dark. The candles strewn about the house were also lit.
I was happy in that moment. My friends and family were full and happy, we were grateful for all that we had in that moment. We made plans for Samhain and we enjoyed the little community we are slowly building.

We will always have warmth and light in the cold days ahead, in our hearts and in our homes.

If we choose to let it shine.

Mabon is the time to take stock of what you harvested, literally and figuratively. We begin to prepare and set up for the cold winter months, but for some of us it is a time where we should also take stock of what we have harvested mentally and emotionally in our lives. It is a time to acknowledge what you could improve on and strive for over the next few months. It is a time to let the sun set on bad habits and prepare for the growth of better over the next few months.
It is also time to cleanse and gather and stock up on your magickal supplies like herbs and candles. Organize your BOS during the coming months, make your cloak or carve your wand. Winter is coming, it is time to rest and rejuvenate.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and a bountiful Mabon

Brightest Blessings!

Sekem-Miw )O(

Thursday, June 14, 2012

*Bows Head In Shame*

Oi I've been horribly neglectful to this blog. If it is any consolation, it is only because I've been busy with my family and life in general. It's been a whirlwind of a few months, and between constant reno's between my home and the studio, the wild ones, my love our numerous furry & scaly babies...oi lol.

I am also running my city's pagan group *trying to anyway lol we are all busy*  I am looking forward to the plans we have made which include adopting a city park and creating a resource center for our region  and an online database for Ontario pagans

I  have been keeping  the FB page up to date and I have been working on a few things during my absence, so fear not! All hope is not lost lol.

"Gaia"-Painting I am currently working on

The Goddess

A set of runes I made out of recycled cedar 
Woodburned Tribal Kitchen Witch Spoon made from a recycled wooden spoon 
Goddess Rebirth-Also made from recycled materials and woodburned
Also made a set of Witches Runes
Got a tattoo too :P lol

So I am def going to make it my goal to update here more often, starting with  an upcoming post about Litha and catching up on all the pagan blog project! I hope everyone is doing well!
Stay blessed!



Friday, February 17, 2012

Pagan Blog Project-D is for Drumming!

Drumming has been connected with Shamanism and Magick for thousands of years. Sacred to the Earth element, the drum invokes a primal response in us that has been ingrained in our soul since the dawn of our existence.
The drum is mother's heart beat in the womb, the heart beat of Mother Earth and the rhythm of life energy around us. The drums perfect circle represents the circle of life, birth and death, begining and end. The hallowness is the goddesses womb, the beater the phallic symbol of the god. 

Drumming Worldwide

Many cultures around the world believe the drum to be a living sacred entity that shares its spirit and energy with the drummer.

-The Djembe drum is said to be the oldest way of communication in Africa. When the slave trade branched out to North America, many slaves were prevented from drumming or creating drums for fear of the messages that would be sent to other slaves through these “talking drums”

-The Aztecs sacred drum was called the Teponaztli. These drums were used for celebrations, dances, poetry and for communication in warfare. Some exxperts believe the drum was offered blood from sacrifical victims on some occasions.

-The Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin had the Bata drums, believed to have been given to their people as a gift from the Orisha, Shango. The drums are thought to have their own spirit and are fed and honoured like the Orishas. The Bata drum is almost exclusively used for religious ceremonies and acts
Traditional Bata Drums

-When most think of shamanic drumming, it is almost impossible not to have the image of Pow-Wows, and native elders sharing their wisdom to the beat. Many North American Native Indians believe the drum contains the energy and spirit of thunder and lightning. Many tribes would have a specific chosen person to watch over the families ceremonial drums. Usually the oldest son was given this honour. Some native tribes offer corn and sacred herbs to their drums as a form of honour and purification. Many animal hides and woods were chosen to make drums.

Native American Drumming Circle

-The Sámi people watched their Shamans and sacred drums be burned during the Christian Inquisition. Drum work was considered a tool of the devil. The drums were traditionally made from birch frame, reindeer skin and an antler was used for the beater.
Sámi Shamanic Drum

The Power of the Drum

The drum with its strong connection to the spiritual realm is a powerful tool in Shamanic work. Drumming can be used for

-spirit invoking
-astral travel
-spirit guiding
-raising power
-totem work

When used correctly the drum can help you reach altered states of mind. Trance work is one of the most common rituals associated with drumming. Many drummers describe finding themselves unintentionally astral travelling while drumming. I would highly recommend working with an experienced drummer when beginning astral and spirit work. The drum resonates all the way to the hidden realm and the inexperienced can find themselves in over their head if not careful.

Shamanic drumming is an auditory driver that causes brain waves to change to its frequency. It can also synchronize your heart and metabolic rhythm to the beat. This makes the drum a powerful tool when used for healing. Healing with a drum uses rhythm and energy to guide the receiver to wellness. Shamans who are well connected with the drum and are skilled in their craft use their intuition, spirit guides and the subtle change in drum tones to guide and track the change of energy flow to the person requiring healing.

Drumming and Totem Work
Some Shamanic drummers are skilled enough to copy animal rhythms on drums. This can be used to create a form of spiritual shape shifting within.
Snake Drumming, Hawk Drumming and Mountain Lion Drumming are some of the animal rhythms that can be worked with for shifting.

When learning to work with the drum, one animal spirit that would be good to invoke is the Flicker bird. This bird is a member of the woodpecker family and gets its name from the sound it makes. During mating season this birds musical talents reach its peak during mating season. Because of its musical nature it is commonly associated with percussion instruments.

Flicker Bird

Gods and the Drum

Here is a list of some Gods and Goddesses associated with drums and other percussion instruments:
Durga, Shiva, Bast, Hathor, Hiisi, Cybele, Isis, Sekhmet, Bes, Anubis

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Journey of Valentines Day

Eros, son of Aphrodite, he became the long standing symbol of modern Valentine's Day
Ahhh Valentines Day, that wonderful time of the year when commercialism and greed seem almost as close to insane as it is on Christmas Day. We are inundated with buying roses *that die*, chocolates *that in all honesty you can get every single damn day of the year*, and pretty much going above and beyond to prove how much you love someone *because Goddess knows you can't do it EVERY DAY of the year*
I love Valentines Day lol, no that was not sarcasm.

It is a wonderful holiday when you put aside the commercialism. The modern meaning of the day has come quite far from it's origins. Very far...well...that depends on how you celebrate I guess ;)

So how did Valentines Day come to be you may ask. Let's take a look shall we?


A festival of purification and fertility that took place from February 13th to February 15th. Since March was consider the begining of the new year in Roman times, this was to bring in good tidings, fertility and joy into the new year. Pretty much an old school New Year bash.

We don't know the origins of this holiday, hell the Roman's themselves were not sure either. It is believed that it has it's roots in even older Greek celebrations honouring Pan and connections to the festival of Lykaia *info*  

What we do know is the celebrations were geared to honouring the God Lupercus, and geared towards honouring the Great She-Wolf who cared for Rome's founders until they were found by sheperds if legend tells us right.  

The celebrations started at her ancient cave, vestals would bring sacred cakes made from the first grains of last harvest. The ritual sacrifice of  a goat *for fertility* and a dog *for purifucation* were presided over the Luperci *brothers of the wolf* . Afterwards two young men would be lead to the sacrifice and have their forheads smeared with blood. Did I mention they were naked? Oh it gets better...carry on.

Our young men would then dress in the skin of the goats and the feasting would follow. Once the feasting was done...well it was time to really start the party. The Luperci would dress themselves in goat skins and cut strips of goat skin to dip in bloodso they could.......well...flog ya...and your crops too lol. Young women were encouraged and happily submitted to a quick tap because it meant the fertility for you.

Plutarch had this to say about the celebration:

 "Lupercalia, of which many write that it was anciently celebrated by shepherds, and has also some connection with the Arcadian Lycaea. At this time many of the noble youths and of the magistrates run up and down through the city naked, for sport and laughter striking those they meet with shaggy thongs. And many women of rank also purposely get in their way, and like children at school present their hands to be struck, believing that the pregnant will thus be helped in delivery, and the barren to pregnancy."

So pretty much it was a good time held by all *except the goats and dog :/

Enter Christianity

I am not going to go into a christian bashing. Each religion including paganism has it's roots from another path. There is no point standing up and getting up in arms. The best you can do is educate.
The end of Lupercalia is usually tied with Pope Gelasius, in order to get rid of the pesky holiday Lupercalia. History goes to the victor and here the end of paganism in the roman world and the rise of christianity meant there was no more running ass naked in the streets in fun *much to many women and men's dismay I am sure pout lol*

Everything was up to the power of "The One True God" which means you were pretty screwed if you believed differently. Thank the Gods human's are more often then not adaptable and well smart. You can't take away a time honoured tradition without giving something back.

Thus the people were given St.Valentinus. There are conflicting accounts of who this/these people were *apparently having the name Valentinus was not a great thing in Roman times, especially if you are Christian.* Either way word on the street was this: He was a man of great faith who was executed under the horrid Emperor Claudius II.  Valentinus had the great misfortune of loosing his life on February 14th.  

Pope Paul VI later removed the celebration from the Roman Calender of Saints in 1969.

The Middle Ages

Ahhh courtly love. It was a wonderful game if played right. Valentines Day is given it's modern beginnings during this time. Love poems and trinkets were exchanged by those who knew the game and played it well. Oddly it was not commonly practiced between husband and wife, but what can you do when your marriage is arranged to someone you wouldn't pick for yourself.  Unless your name is Charles, Duke of Orléans. Credited with writing the first Valentines poem to his wife while imprisioned in the Tower of London. 

 Je suis desja d'amour tanné
Ma tres doulce Valentinée...

—Charles d'Orléans, Rondeau VI, lines 1–2

King Henry VIII of the Six wives fame declared Valentines Day a holiday in 1537. 

Modern Valentines Day
Modern Valentines Day cards are credited to Esther Howland in the 18oo's. The industrial revolution helped Valentines day become what we celebrated today. It is alot easier to get someone else to write the words and make the gifts then it is to do it yourself....kind of sad I think.

A Witches Valentines Day

There is a broad range of things you can do as a witch to celebrate today. Lover's rituals, magickal cooking, a sensual massage with an essential oil blend is always a great way to go.

Scents like cinnamon, allspice, rose, jasmine, vanilla and peppermint help promote love and lust.

I personally love the scent of Jasmine which is considered a powerful aphrodisiac ;)

Foods Like chocolate *best believe that's a given on my list lol*, strawberries, banana's, apples, and figs, goat, quail and pomegrante are perfect for lovers who want to bring fertility in their lives.

I hope all of you have a wonderful fun filled day and night;)

Blessed Be and Happy Love Day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Imbolc,The Season of Awakening and Renewing

Merry Meet Everyone!
Terribly sorry for the long absence. The new year started off with one mess after another, which left me very little time to give this blog the attention it needed. Thankfully with the encouragement and loving support of my wonderful partner in crime, I'm getting back on track.

Alot of the circumstances I went through inspired this blog today.  Imbolc (also known as: Imbolq, Olmeic, Candlemas, Brigits Day & Bride Day) is one of the fire sabbats in the wheel of the year that inspires the renewal of life and celebrates the God in his child aspect.  It is still cold outside by slowly the day is getting longer and the earth begins it's cycle of awakening. Imbolc is also spent honoring the Celtic goddess Brighid, patron of artists, protector of mothers and their young.She is Keeper of the Flame and Home. Rituals honoring her and summoning her strength during this time are all time honored traditions for Imbolc.

Symbolic colours of Imbolc are:

Red, Green, White, Pink, Light Yellow, Brown

Symbols of Imbolc are:

 Lambs, Crocus flowers, Brideo'gas *Corn Dollies*, Brighid's Cross, Fire

Right now at home we are in the process of spring cleaning and renovating. I find focusing on drawing out the stagnant energy while cleaning helps. Not only does it help get rid of unwanted clutter, it helps draw more positive energies directed towards growth and renewal.

This is also a great time to do a full cleansing of all your ritual supplies.  I like cleansing my crystals with Full Moon Water and smudging them with cedar. I wipe down my tools with a blend of Blessed Water and Salt and smudge with Sage. 

Burning white sage, bay and cedar while de-cluttering and after helps ward off any potential stow away energy left behind.

Along with de-cluttering, my other favourite thing to focus on during this time is cooking, We had our Imbolc meal early this year *February 2nd being my mother's birthday*.

Inspired by Imbolc I made: Herbed Lamb with Root Stew, Sticky Rice and Garlic Butter Shrimp were on the menu. Dairy, Seafood, Roots *potatoes, carrots etc*, grains and Lamb are all symbolic of the season. I also baked a Blueberry Apple pie, as fruit preserves and dried fruit are also symbolic *and delicious*

We are also in the process of starting up our seedlings, this is one of the kidlets favourite tasks *of course it is, there is mess involved lol*   Pooka Pages inspired us this year so we will be starting our herbs in eggshell cups. A perfect way to start off our organic garden, indoor and outdoor!

I hope all of you have a wonderful and bright Imbolc! May Brighid's flame shine bright for you all!

Brightest Blessings!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


I could not say it any better then this.

Brightest Blessing to you and yours tonight,. Live, Love  & Be merry but please be safe. Arrive Alive! There is no excuse in this day an age to get behind the wheel.

 2011 has been a pretty fucking hard year, there is no way to get around that fact. Maybe that is why I am not on the doom's day train. I am tired of fearing the future, I am tired of fear period. If the world ends it ends, there is no point of stressing about, we can not stop the force that is fate. But...if the world doesn't end...Imma feel like a dumbass for loosing my shit over it lol. I've been through hell and back... I survived, I might be a little more jaded and a little more bruised...but I made it. It's been a hard road, it may always be on, but I would rather be happy then down..

I thank the gods every day for the people around me who made that possible, You are all amazing individuals and I will not go into details but...fuck...I am so damn lucky Headbang!

2012 is going to be amazing. 2011 showed us the power of solidarity in many countries, Even here in our our province of Ontario.  Selfishness, suffering and oppression was the main focus. The loss of many who gave of a fuck about our well being was also big *RIP JACK LAYTON* The world desires change and it is time we all see it!

*gets off of soapbox lol*

I have thought alot of my goals the past month, I know i want to make a big change in 2012.

My resolutions for 2012:

-Be more patient
-Listen to my intuition more
-Get back on track with my meditation and yoga
Regain my health
-Bake more
-help bring a better and happier Pagan community to my area of PEEL
-Get back into the Saddle
-Do more volunteer work
-Accept that I can not change people
-Let worthless people who are too follow fashion and jealous move to the background. Accept that sometimes even the worse people can see the need to spread good ideas.
-and most of all:  

Guess what everyone!!!
I am opening Etsy store to cater to all you wonderful witchfolk that visit here and my FB page! 

Kitty bomb piccie lol but here we go...

Introducing the first product that will be available early 2012. "Sacred Beginnings" is a herbal blend perfect for purification. new beginnings and any time you need a little kick in the butt clarity of mind towards your goals. Hand blended and organically grown, it contains white sage, bay leaves, thyme and my own personal spice blend.I am also working on  a set of runes, miniature curio cabinets, and various other crafts like heating pillows, bath and body products etcI look forward to the many art shows I will be coordinating in the next year, School and many many positive new beginnings. :)

Things might be glitchy here in the next bit as I change up things. If anyone want to send some tech mojo fae dust my way I am more the accepting of it! lol

Happy New year everyone! I hope 2012 brings you all great happiness.
Brightest Blessings-Sekem-Miw